Primarily, these were made for usage in an existing project's universe (with potential general usage in mind), so some will have biases or aspects relevant to the Wayfaring Strangers universe. They otherwise should be fine for any writing, brainstorming, roleplaying or shitting around!

For the interest of other artists or writers or people who just like generating stuff for the sake of generating stuff, I've compiled a resources page of writing and drawing materials and references as well as a list of some of my favorite generators around the internet.

These generators free to use and will continue to be created and improved assuming I don't suddenly drop dead. I would really appreciate donations to my patreon to help the production of more generators and other neat things!

Terms of Use

You can't post the generators themselves elsewhere without my permission, but can use the generated materials however you like! Did you make something cool with these generators? I'd sure as hell like to see it. I'd also sure as hell appreciate it if you shared the site!

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